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Casting process
With the rapid advancement of technology and the foundry industry, different methods have different casting mold ready content. In the most widely used sand casting, for example, mold preparation includes material preparation and styling styling, made two core tasks. Sand casting is used to shape, making the core of a variety of materials, such as casting the original sand, sand binders and other accessories, as well as by their preparation of the sand, core sand, paint and other materials collectively known as modeling, modeling material preparation tasks in accordance with the requirements of the casting, the nature of the metal, select the appropriate raw sand, binders and accessories, and a certain percentage of them into the sand and core sand mixed with certain properties. The sand used equipment grind wheel Mixer, counterflow mixer and continuous mixer. The latter is designed for mixing chemical Sand design, continuous mixing, sand speed.
Shape, making the core is based on the requirements of the casting process, the method to determine a good shape and ready on the basis of the shape of the material carried. Economic effects of precision castings and all production processes, depending on which procedure. In many modern casting workshop, modeling, making the core are realized mechanization or automation. Common core sand molding equipment made of high, medium and low pressure molding machine, air impact molding machines, injection compression molding machine without box, cold box core machines and hot box core machine, coated sand core making machines.
Since the cooling of the casting mold casting is removed with a gate, riser, metal burrs, Phi slit, sand casting sand casting still clinging, it must be clean processes. Equipment for such work grinder, shot blasting machine, pouring riser cutting machines. Sand casting off the sand clean-up is a process of poor working conditions, so the choice modeling approach should be taken into account to create convenient conditions to clean off the sand. Some castings for special requirements, but also after casting treatment, such as heat treatment, shaping, anti-rust treatment, roughing, etc.

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