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Casting Technical Requirements
For example, sand casting, mass production of the factory should create conditions for the use of advanced modeling techniques, making the core methods. Vintage-style shock or shock compression molding machine production line productivity is not high enough, big labor intensity, noise, suited to the requirements of mass production, should gradually be transformed. For small castings can be used horizontally or vertically parting parting box without pressure molding machine production line, real style and high production efficiency, covers less; the pieces can be used for all kinds of box-pressure molding machine production lines, gas impact molding line to adapt to rapid, high-precision molding production line requirements, making the core methods can be used: cold-box, hot-box, such as efficient core-shell core methods.
Moderate quantities of large castings can consider the application from the hard resin sand molding and core making.
Single and small batch production of heavy castings, hand modeling is still an important way to hand-shape can adapt to a variety of complex requirements more flexible and does not require a lot of technical equipment. You can use water glass sand, VRH law water glass sand, organic ester water glass from the hard sand, clay dry, self-hardening resin sand and cement sand etc; for single-piece production of heavy castings, pit modeling method using low cost production fast.
Mass or long-term production of multi-box styling products styling, split box modeling method is more appropriate, although the mold, sand boxes, etc. started to invest high, but can be compensated from saving modeling time, improve product quality. Low pressure casting, die casting, centrifugal casting and other casting methods, equipment and tooling is expensive, so only suitable for mass production. The same approach should be suitable for the conditions such as the production of a large machine bed castings, the general shape of the core group of law, not make the appearance and sand box, pit core group in the ground; while the other plants sand box modeling method is used, the production looks like.
Different production conditions (including equipment, space, staff quality, etc.), production habits, the experience gained not the same, what products should be considered suitable and not suitable (or can not) do what the product based on these criteria. Precision casting precision casting requirements and costs of various methods to obtain different initial investment and productivity also inconsistent, and ultimately economic benefits are also differences. So, to do more, faster, better and cheaper, they should take into account all aspects. Casting method chosen to deal with preliminary cost estimates to determine the high economic efficiency but also ensures that casting casting requirements.

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