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Stainless steel precision casting surface cleaning method Highlights
In order to ensure the smoothness of the surface of stainless steel casting, investment casting time of pressing, the surface finish of the cavity using high-pressure, therefore, the amount of surface finish melting mold is relatively high. In addition, the shell and refractory by a special high temperature resistant adhesive formulated into a refractory coating applied hung on melting mold made, the cavity surface in direct contact with the molten metal finish. Therefore, the surface finish of castings higher than the general castings, generally up Ra.1.6 ~ 3.2μm. In casting "> surface cleanup stainless steel precision casting products for a variety of methods which are generally dry and clean up wet and dry method is the use of shot blasting machine cleaning, wet cleaning method are more electric hydraulic sand, hydraulic sand, clear sand.
       1. Dry cleanup
       Dry cleaning and clean-up, including friction blasting shot blasting, mainly low friction cleaning efficiency, poor results. The so-called clean-drying method generally refers to blasting, shot blasting. Shot peening is a compressed air as power, steel shot at a faster rate will be injected into the workpiece Mina, removing debris castings. Shot more flexible, a shot blasting of more effective supplement, shot blasting machine is to use to spray Shot, clean up the casting surface impurities.
       2. Wet cleanup
       Electric hydraulic sand under electric pressure refers to the role of the housing clean, it's basic principle is electro-hydraulic hammer effect, the use of high-voltage pulse discharge angry discharge through a special electrode in water to produce a lot of fluid power. Because different debris and metal casting casting surface vibration frequency, resulting in clear purpose sand.
       Hydraulic sand is the use of high pressure water pressure water pump input through a high-pressure jet nozzle gun, fired sand and sand core casting surface was a way to clear the sand.
       Clear water and sand is the sand with a certain temperature precision casting products hanging into the pool, into the hot sand and sand core heat of vaporization of water, as the water continues to boil and steam heating, increasing pressure, sand and sand core "collapsed "detached from the casting surface and cavity out so as to achieve the purpose of sand.

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